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October 15 - 17, 2024 | Columbus, OH

Resilience Unleashed: Mastering Cyber Resilience and Performance in the Digital Age

Join Us At LogicON

Deep dive into the essence of cyber resilience. As we navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving threat landscape, this summit is your catalyst for mastering the balance between robust security and peak performance. Here, you’ll be part of a dynamic exchange—gaining insights, strategies, and the inspiration needed to transform challenges into a showcase of cyber strength and adaptability.

Who will benefit? LogicON is the confluence for decision-makers and influencers in cybersecurity—where IT, InfoSec, and business leaders converge. We’re assembling the strategic minds that drive our digital safeguards. Prepare to align, innovate, and lead the charge in securing our collective digital future.

Empower, Collaborate, Innovate:
Your Path to Cyber Excellence



Delve into advanced resilience strategies and learn how to fortify your organization’s cyber defenses against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Dynamic Partnerships

Foster dynamic collaborations with industry leaders and pioneers, exchanging insights that drive cyber resilience and adaptability.

Cutting-Edge Learning

Gain knowledge from forward-thinking experts through sessions that offer deep dives into the most pressing cybersecurity challenges and emerging tech.

Visionary Insight

Be inspired by visionary thought leaders who will broaden your perspective and equip you to steer your cybersecurity strategy towards a resilient future.
Chris Novak

Special Keynote:

Chris Novak

Chris Novak is the Sr. Director of Verizon Cyber Security Consulting. He is an internationally recognized executive in the fields of Incident Response, Computer Forensics, and Threat Intelligence. He has more than 20 years of cybersecurity industry experience ranging from real-world field work to Fortune 100 C-suite and board advisory roles. Chris was appointed to President Biden’s inaugural Cyber Safety Review Board, where he is advising on matters of cybersecurity and national security. Security Magazine also named Chris a 2022 Top Cybersecurity Leader.

Chris is an active public speaker, discussing various topics ranging from high-level best practices to executive-level crisis management. He has been a contributing author of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report since its first publication in 2008. You will frequently see him featured in TV, radio, and print media, such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CBS News, American Banker, SkyNews, and many others. 

coaching cafe

Coaching Café

At the core of our community lies the Coaching Café, a vibrant nexus where experienced IT and cybersecurity professionals engage deeply with industry experts to address specific issues. ChannelWise simplifies the process by facilitating connections with our specialists during the conference.

Here, you're offered the chance for tailor-made guidance through 20-minute, one-on-one consultations, designed specifically around your individual needs.

Cyber Resilience Bootcamp

Bootcamp: Mastering Cyber Resilience in the Modern Enterprise

This bootcamp provides an in-depth exploration of cyber resilience, tailored to empower IT professionals with the tools to enhance cybersecurity frameworks effectively. Thanks to our partnership with CompTIA and MyComputerCareer, through discussions and practical exercises, participants will delve into essential concepts and advanced strategies to construct and strengthen resilient systems within their organizations. Separate registration is required. 

Multiethnic group of happy business people working together in office

Hands-on Workshops

Immerse yourself in expert-led sessions and workshops brimming with interactivity and focused on cyber resilience. Tackle real-world challenges, and leave equipped with a suite of actionable strategies tailored for immediate implementation.

These sessions, led by top industry professionals, will provide you with the insights to enhance your security frameworks, marry new tech with legacy systems, and foster a pervasive culture of cybersecurity awareness. Prepare to transform learning into action and step confidently into the future of cyber defense.

Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy using a digital tablet while sitting in staircase

Peer-to-Peer Networking

We recognize the power of collective wisdom in shaping the future of cybersecurity. That's why our peer-to-peer networking sessions are more than just a feature—they are a cornerstone of the event, designed to catalyze enduring professional relationships and collaborative breakthroughs.

Engage in rich, dynamic exchanges with industry peers, share frontline experiences, and collaboratively forge innovative solutions to bolster your cyber defenses. Here, every handshake has the potential to turn into a powerful alliance, and every conversation can spark a transformative idea, ensuring you leave not just connected, but empowered to lead with resilience.


Discover Columbus Comfort at the Hyatt Regency

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, OH, the Hyatt Regency offers guests a luxurious retreat with modern amenities, spacious rooms, and top-tier service. 

Special room rates have been negotiated for LogicON participants. To take advantage of these exclusive rates, please ensure you book your room through the link provided after registration confirmation.

Welcome to Columbus; we're excited to host you in style!



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Join the Leaders of Cybersecurity: Save Your Spot at LogicON

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does registration guarantee my attendance at LogicON?
No, simply registering doesn't ensure your attendance. To maintain the quality of attendees, each one undergoes a review process. Attendees that do not qualify will be notified within 24 hours and refunded. 

How to qualify?
LogicON provides an immersive platform for IT and cybersecurity professionals to engage with peers and uncover cutting-edge strategies in the realm of cyber defense and innovation. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to interact with premier solution providers pioneering today's cybersecurity advancements.

To ensure a cohesive attendee experience, we offer a simple guideline to help distinguish between attending as a cybersecurity professional or as a vendor/solution provider:

  • If you find yourself amongst peers aiming to bolster your cybersecurity strategies and gather insights to shield your organization — you are a Cybersecurity Practitioner.

  • If you’re alongside fellow attendees with the intention of showcasing your services or solutions — you are likely a Vendor/Solution Provider.

Should there be any confusion regarding your status, please reach out to us with your website URL and job title at marketing@logically.com.

Please note: Registration is subject to review and approval. We reserve the right to revoke any registration at our discretion. Adherence to the above criteria is a prerequisite for qualification. Non-qualifying registrants will be informed and refunded if necessary.

Are there special accommodations for LogicON attendees?
Yes! We've partnered with the Hyatt Regency to secure special room rates exclusively for LogicON participants. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a link to book your accommodation at these special rates. This is available until September 27, 2024. 

What if the event reaches maximum capacity?
Given the exclusive nature of LogicON, space is indeed limited. We kindly urge only those genuinely planning to attend to register. In the event that registrations exceed available spots, we may initiate a wait-list, offering places as they become available.

Is there a fee to attend LogicON?
The event is free to Logically customers. For non-customers, tickets are $199 per person. Attendees are responsible for accommodations and travel expenses. Discounts cannot be stacked or combined with other offers unless otherwise noted. Discounts cannot be retroactively applied to registrations once processed.

What is the cancellation policy?
Any and all ticket sales are final and non-refundable. This includes all tickets and passes of any kind, without exception. Promo codes are not valid for prior purchases.

How can I reach out with more questions?
For any additional queries or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact us at marketing@logically.com. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

We appreciate your understanding and commitment to making LogicON a seamless experience for all attendees. If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to reach out.