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November 1 - 3, 2023 | Columbus, OH

Unlock the Power of Cybersecurity and Elevate Your Strategy

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Not Just Insights, But Inspiration: Welcome to LogicON.

LogicON offers a vibrant and uplifting journey tailored to elevate your cybersecurity prowess. By harnessing collective wisdom, fostering meaningful collaborations, and igniting newfound inspiration, this exclusive summit is crafted to catalyze transformative growth for both you and your organization.

Who is this for? As we inaugurate LogicON, we extend a special welcome to the leadership from Logically's esteemed clientele. This day is tailored for you, the pivotal players of our shared cybersecurity journey.

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Empower, Collaborate, Innovate: Your Path to Cyber Excellence



Discover the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in cybersecurity.


Network with industry peers and thought leaders. Collaborate to build a resilient cybersecurity future.


Participate in expert-led sessions that will equip you with actionable insights and strategies.


Engage with inspiring speakers and c-level executives who will ignite your thinking and guide your cybersecurity vision.

Meet the Voices Leading LogicON

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Your Path to Excellence Awaits: Join Us at LogicON 2023

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Explore the Horizon of Cybersecurity Expertise

Dive deep into a meticulously crafted program tailored to the challenges, trends, and innovations in today's cybersecurity landscape. LogicON's agenda isn't just about imparting knowledge—it's about creating pathways for actionable insights and fostering meaningful connections. Registration check-in will be available on November 1, 2023, from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm ET and again on November 2, 2023 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm ET. The registration table will be located on the 2nd floor.

Welcome Happy Hour - Sponsored by Blackberry Cybersecurity

Date and Time: November 1, 2023 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET

Dive into our 'Welcome Happy Hour', a curated space for you to reconnect, share experiences, and set intentions for the summit. And a special nod to Blackberry for sponsoring this moment of camaraderie. Here's to cherishing old partnerships and fostering new insights in the days to come. Cheers!

Day 1: Welcome to LogicON!

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 8:30 am - 9 am ET

As we inaugurate LogicON, we extend a special welcome to the leadership from Logically's esteemed clientele. This day is tailored for you, the pivotal players of our shared cybersecurity journey.

Unmasking the Threat: AI's Impact on Cybersecurity in the Age of Advanced Attacks

Speaker: Josh Skeens, CEO of Logically 

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 9 am – 10 am ET

Join this must-attend session to gain a comprehensive overview of AI and its profound implications on cybersecurity, specifically within security operations centers (SOCs). As threat actors continuously evolve to outwit traditional security measures, their strategic adoption of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, Godmode, AlphaCode, Bard, and Phind poses an unprecedented challenge. These platforms, freely available and widely used to streamline tasks across industries, are now weaponized by attackers to craft sophisticated phishing emails, malicious code, and even deepfakes for social engineering. The offensive use of AI by threat actors is rapidly growing, necessitating proactive measures from cybersecurity professionals. Gain critical insights on how to level the playing field and stay ahead of potential risks.

MythBusters: What Risks Should You REALLY Worry About

Speaker: Zack Finstad, Director of Cybersecurity Operations

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 10:00 am – 10:30 am ET

In our modern, interconnected digital landscape, misunderstandings and false beliefs about cybersecurity dangers are widespread. Don't miss our "MythBusters" session, where a leading expert will explore a range of threats—some of which might be new to you. We'll assess their actual risk levels and determine whether they're genuine concerns or simply overblown fears. Then our Mythbuster will provide actionable strategies to address and combat them effectively.

Translating Cybersecurity Investments into Business Value: Strategies for Communicating ROI to CFOs, Investors, and Boards

Panelists: Steve Rivera, Chief Revenue Officer, Karl Noone, Chief Financial Officer

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 10:45 am – 11:30 am ET

We’re no stranger to cybersecurity threats – and when those threats loom large, the importance of investing in robust cyber defenses is indisputable. However, articulating the tangible and intangible returns of these investments to financial stakeholders is a nuanced challenge. That’s why we’ve curated a panel tailored for professionals navigating these essential conversations.

Key takeaways:

  • Language of Value: Decode the metrics and narratives that resonate most with CFOs, investors, and boards. Learn to translate technical jargon into compelling business cases.
  • Quantifying the Intangible: Dive deep into methodologies that help assign value to improved brand trust, enhanced customer loyalty, and reduced risk exposure resulting from cybersecurity investments.
  • Securing Future Growth: Understand how to position cybersecurity not just as a defensive mechanism but as a growth enabler, especially when engaging with venture capitalists or private equity firms.
  • Risk and Reward: Equip yourself with strategies to highlight the potential cost savings, risk mitigation, and competitive advantages gained from proactive cybersecurity initiatives.

Whether you’re looking to secure buy-in for an upcoming project or aim to foster a culture where cybersecurity is viewed as a strategic partner in business growth, this session promises to offer invaluable insights.

The Rise of Shadow IT: Challenges, Opportunities, and Governance

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 11:30 am – 12:15 pm ET

As businesses adapt to ever-evolving technological landscapes, a new specter emerges in the corridors of IT departments – Shadow IT. This phenomenon, characterized by unsanctioned software and systems, might seem like a convenient shortcut to some but often leads to a tangled web of security risks and governance challenges. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the rise and implications of Shadow IT.


  • Mapping the Shadows: Gain an understanding of the current scale and nature of Shadow IT, delving into the reasons behind its rapid proliferation in modern enterprises.
  • The Double-Edged Sword: While Shadow IT introduces risks, it also presents opportunities. Discover how businesses can harness the innovation and agility it offers, without compromising on security.
  • Establishing Effective Governance: Equip yourself with strategies and frameworks to monitor, control, and integrate Shadow IT into your formal IT landscape. Learn how to turn potential vulnerabilities into avenues of growth and innovation.
  • Case Studies: Benefit from real-world examples where businesses successfully navigated the challenges of Shadow IT, striking a balance between autonomy, innovation, and security.

As the lines between sanctioned and unsanctioned IT continue to blur, it’s imperative for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. This session will provide insights and strategies to help you navigate this gray zone with confidence.

Cybersecurity and Customer-Centricity: Adapting Customer Experience in Response to Evolving Threats

Speaker: MJ Patent, VP of Marketing

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm ET

At the intersection of cybersecurity and customer-centricity lies an evolving paradigm that demands businesses to proactively integrate their security measures with the end-customer in mind. This session will focus on tailoring customer experiences amidst the backdrop of ever-changing cyber threats.

You’ll learn:

  • The New Frontier of Trust: Explore how cybersecurity, often viewed as a backend IT function, is now front and center in building and maintaining customer trust.
  • Extending the Security Umbrella: Delve into strategies and best practices to expand your cybersecurity measures beyond your organization, directly enveloping your customer base.
  • Enhanced Experiences: Learn how integrating cybersecurity into customer interactions can elevate the overall experience, offering peace of mind and promoting brand loyalty.
  • Meeting Expectations: Understand the evolving expectations of the digital consumer, and how businesses can meet these demands while addressing potential risks.
  • Real-World Successes: Benefit from case studies highlighting organizations that have successfully intertwined their cybersecurity initiatives with a customer-first approach.

When a single breach can erode hard-earned trust, proactively adapting and integrating cybersecurity within customer experiences is not just a necessity, but a competitive advantage.

Beyond the Office: Exploring the Intersection of Cyber Threats and Employee Personal Space

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm ET

The boundaries between our professional and personal spaces have become increasingly blurred, especially in the era of remote work and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies. While this shift offers increased flexibility, it also presents unique cybersecurity challenges as the traditional “four walls” of office security expand into the vastness of individual homes and personal devices. This session will dive into this dynamic landscape.

Session highlights:

  • Redefining Perimeters: Explore the evolution of workplace boundaries and how the conventional confines of office space have been transformed in the age of digital workspaces.
  • BYOD – Blessing or Curse?: Delve into the pros and cons of allowing employees to use personal devices for work. Understand the security implications and strategies to ensure that flexibility doesn’t compromise fortifications.
  • Securing the Homefront: Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to fortify the often-overlooked vulnerabilities within employees’ personal networks and devices.
  • A Unified Approach: Discover the value of creating a seamless security experience, one that safeguards both company assets and employee privacy without friction.

The distinction between personal and professional cyberspaces is subtle but significant. This session will guide attendees through this delicate balance, offering actionable strategies and insights.

Cyber Crisis Management: Navigating the Aftermath of a Cyber Attack

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm ET

Today, it’s not a matter of if, but when a cyber attack will occur. Being well-prepared for such incidents is half the battle; understanding how to effectively manage the aftermath is equally crucial. The period following a cyber breach can be chaotic and fraught with uncertainty. This panel discussion will equip attendees with strategies to navigate their organization confidently through turbulent times when a cyber attack does occur.

What to Expect:

  • First Response: Learn the immediate steps to take post-breach, from identifying the scope of the incident to communicating transparently with stakeholders.
  • Damage Control: Understand how to contain and mitigate the impact of an attack, ensuring the protection of both data integrity and organizational reputation.
  • Road to Recovery: Chart out a clear, actionable recovery plan that not only restores operations swiftly but also addresses underlying vulnerabilities to prevent future incidents.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Equip yourself with strategies to effectively communicate with internal teams, customers, partners, and even the media during and after a crisis.
  • Lessons from the Trenches: Hear real-world accounts of organizations that have weathered cyber attacks and emerged stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for future threats.

The aftermath of a cyber attack is a true test of an organization’s resilience, strategy, and leadership. This session promises to provide attendees with a comprehensive blueprint for cyber crisis management, ensuring they’re not just prepared but also adept at navigating post-attack complexities.

Day 2: Recap and Thoughts

Date and Time: November 3, 2023 at 8:30 am - 8:45 am ET

As we approach the conclusion of LogicON, the last day, albeit a half-day, promises to be as enriching as the ones preceding it. This day is dedicated to reflection, consolidation, and envisioning the road ahead. We begin by revisiting the summit's most poignant moments and key insights, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge accumulated is translated into actionable steps.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape: Unpacking Current and Future Cybersecurity Regulations and Insurance Mandates

Speaker: Michael O’Hara, Security Consultant

Date and Time: November 3, 2023, 8:45 am – 9:30 am ET

With cybersecurity, it’s not just threats that are evolving – the regulatory and compliance landscape is undergoing a transformation as well. With heightened attention to data privacy and an influx of government mandates, businesses must be proactive to remain compliant and safeguard their interests. This session provides a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory environment and a glimpse into what the future might look like.

What to Expect:

  • Current State of Play: Gain clarity on existing cybersecurity regulations, understanding the implications and required actions for businesses across various sectors.
  • Future Forecast: With the digital landscape constantly shifting, what can we anticipate in the realm of regulations? Our speaker will provide predictions and speak to potential changes on the horizon.
  • Insurance Intricacies: Explore the interplay between cybersecurity practices and insurance mandates. Understand how maintaining robust cyber defenses can influence insurance premiums and coverage nuances.
  • Balancing Act: Find the equilibrium between meeting regulatory requirements, satisfying insurance mandates, and ensuring optimal business operations.
  • Data Privacy Deep Dive: In an age where data is king, explore the mounting emphasis on data privacy, the challenges it presents, and strategies for maintaining compliance amidst evolving regulations.

Regulatory compliance isn’t merely a box to be checked; it’s an integral part of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy and risk management. This session will arm attendees with the knowledge and foresight to navigate this intricate landscape effectively.

Mental Health & Resilience: Navigating the Demands of Tech Leadership

Date and Time: November 3, 2023, 9:30 am – 10:15 am ET

As technology progresses, so does the burden on the shoulders of tech leaders, encompassing not just organizational objectives but also the weight of ensuring safety and integrity. The challenge of safeguarding an ever-evolving cyber environment can be daunting, as is the resulting work-related stress. This session will address the often-overlooked facet of tech leadership: mental well-being and resilience in high-stress scenarios.

Session Highlights:

  • The Silent Strain: Dive into the unique stresses and pressures cybersecurity leaders face in today’s rapidly changing technology ecosystem.
  • Building Resilience: Explore practical strategies to strengthen mental fortitude, ensuring decision-making remains sharp and effective even under duress.
  • Work-Life Harmony: Discover approaches to strike a balance, ensuring that the demanding nature of tech leadership doesn’t overshadow personal well-being and life outside of work.
  • Support Systems: Understand the value of cultivating a supportive work environment and how peer connections, mentorships, and professional networks can serve as crucial lifelines.

The role of a tech leader extends beyond technical expertise; it’s about managing oneself amidst the whirlwind of responsibilities and pressures. This session aims to shine a light on the mental challenges of the role, offering guidance, strategies, and support to those at the helm of our digital future.

Innovations Unveiled: Reflecting on 2023 and Previewing the Future Landscape

Speaker: Keith Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Date and Time: November 2, 2023, 10:30 am – 11:30 am ET

In the rapidly evolving domain of cybersecurity, staying up to date with the latest innovations is crucial. From the solutions that reshaped our defenses to the strategies that have transformed how businesses perceive cybersecurity, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the past year’s developments, the latest solutions coming to market, and what to look out for in 2024.

Then we will review what Logically has done to adapt to these needs and what groundbreaking products, services, and customer enhancements will be coming next year.

Unlocking Insights: Open Forum for Your Burning Questions

Date and Time: November 3, 2023, 11:30 am – 12:15 pm ET

Cybersecurity, in its vast expanse, often brings forth questions, curiosities, and uncertainties. At LogicON, we recognize the value of dialogue and believe that some of the most enlightening insights arise from open discussions. In this dynamic session, we invite our attendees to submit their most burning questions (these can be submitted anonymously) and seek answers to anything that arose during the summit in addition to other topics that they’d like to explore.

This open forum is not just a panel discussion; it’s a collaborative space where curiosity meets expertise, and questions pave the way for innovation and clarity.

Closing Remarks

Date and Time: November 3, 2023 at 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm ET

Here, we'll collectively look back at our shared experiences and learnings, while also casting our gaze forward, charting a path towards a future defined by robust cybersecurity action. Join us as we close the chapter on this year's summit with clarity, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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